Workshop – Museum Marketing Strategies and Practical Tools

Foundation of the Amsterdam Museums (SAM) & Museum Education Center, Armenia

Dates involved: 20/21 -24 Feb 2016

Museum Education Center in cooperation with Association of Museum Workers and Friends, DVV International Country office in Armenia, Aram Khachaturian Museum and ICOM Armenia in partnership with the Foundation of the Amsterdam Museums will organize “Museum Marketing Strategies and Practical Tools” 2 day workshop for 20 museum specialists from Armenia on 22-23 February, 2016. The workshop will be held in Aram Khachaturian Museum.


“Museum Marketing Strategies & practical tools”

The museum as a business is worldwide a small family. Competition is not a drive, professionalism is. No border, no wall, not one institute but working together is DNA. On content museums already do collaborate, on their marketing & business not jet.

Taking into account how complex a diversity of cultures and systems could be if museums try to work together, the profit in due time is there, if museums do so. That also counts for governments, local and state, cultural institutes, commercial companies and the customer who wants to involved.

From global trends to European showcases on museum collaborations it will be pointed out how fruitful it could be to cooperate in a strategic way for better returns. The study case of all 44 Amsterdam Museums will be looked into deeper: 24/7 call center & catering, energy & income, Lions & Ministry, city marketing & dashboard, educational overkill, Collections & 2025, how mice & bisons save museums, Fun & Iphones,  KLM & Disney. To end and conclude with the fact that museums still rock the planet.

In this session the Armenian museum staff member will have on all levels and departments of a museum business insights how to get better returns by working together. They will work in the workshop on how to address their own brought issues or challenges. The participants will also support each other things. New insights maybe get them to look different and approach their things in another way. It will give a quick overview or update and a huge number or possible solutions by just looking differently towards a museum.

Bjorn Stenvers 


Björn has worked as a marketing director in the Netherlands’ cultural sector for a number of years, and also has marketing experience in the fields of commercial publishing (Elsevier Science) and retail (Clockwork). Until 2010 he was director of marketing at the Amsterdam Heritage Museums (AHM) a cluster he set up with 5 museums; Amsterdam Museum, Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Biblical museum, Cromhout House, Museum Our Lord in the Attic and Museum Geelvinck. In 2011 he also set up the cluster Amsterdam Heritage (AH); a cooperation of all heritage museums and departments in Amsterdam. In which are again the AHM represented but now added with the other Canal museums, Amsterdam Office of World heritage, City Archive and Amsterdam Office of Monuments & Archaeology. In 2012 the city of Amsterdam added to his role; coordinator of the World Heritage Site of the Canal Ring (WHS). Also in 2013 he set up the business foundation SAM for the board of the 44 Official Museums of Amsterdam ( He is the current director of the foundation SAM.


For ten years he was board member of the Dutch Association of Cultural Marketing and Communication. Björn worked as director of marketing at the Amsterdam Public Libraries (from 2003-2007). Björn was in the Cultural Leadership International program of the British Council & Ministry of Culture 2010-2011. Sitting on the boards and commissions of various other institutes in the Netherlands, Björn provides marketing & business advice and strategic planning to their operation. He is board chairman at the Volksuniversiteit in Amsterdam and the Diamond Museum. He is also involved in a number of projects in (e.g.) the UK, Belarus, Canada, Russia, Finland, Moldova, Dutch Antilles, Singapore, Turkey and Amsterdam. Internationally he advices several Ministries of Culture on working together for a better future. As senior-lecturer at RANEPA he teaches Marketing in Cultural Field in the Presidential Program for all Russian Ministers. He also teaches at Moscow State University of Economics (MESI, Yaroslavl) and at MSSES, where he is also head of Museum Studies. He is board member of ICOM’s International Committee for Marketing & PR.