Study visit to Berlin, Germany

A collaboration between Museum Education Centre (MEC) in Armenia, German Museums Association, DVV International Armenia Country Office and Association of Museum Workers and Friends in Armenia



Since 2016 Museum Education Centre actively collaborating with Network of European Museums Organization (NEMO). In November 2016, during the Annual Meeting of NEMO in Karlsruhe, Germany and agreement has been made between NEMO and Museum Education Centre to arrange 7 day study visit of Armenian museum specialists to Berlin, Germany.

Study visit will focus on educational activities and experience of German museums. Looking at museum education and the training of museum staff as important issues for museum professionals in Armenia this professional visit will offer colleagues throughout the sector a chance to share stories, ideas and challenges.  Through series of workshops and master classes the participants will have a unique experience to share ideas and challenges, to debate and brainstorm and make creative connections. These workshops and museum visits which will focus specifically on debating and brainstorming around key issueson Museums and Adult Education, Museums and Family Engagement, Museums and Volunteers, Museums and Storytelling

 On May 2017 an open call will be announced for study visit. Through an application museum specialists will be selected to travel to Germany from 4-10 July 2017. Selection criteria will be based on experience of either planning or implementation of educational programs, knowledge of English or German language will be a priority.

The Study Visit program is fully funded by the DVV International Country Office in Armenia.

To apply please click below:Այց-Գերմանիա_Մասնակցության-հայտ.doc