Regional Workshop on “Planning and Marketing Museum Education” 22-25 NOV 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

The Regional Workshop on Planning and Marketing the Museum Education Products is a joint project of ICOM International Committee of Education and Cultural Action (CECA), ICOM National Committee of Armenia and ICOM International Committee of Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) supported by ICOM Paris within the ICOM Special Projects Grant 2017.

The targeted participants are 20 museum specialists involved in planning and marketing of museum education programs, investigating the potential audiences, “packaging” the education programs as marketing products from Armenia and GeorgiaThe experts are Milene (Mila) Chiovatto – CECA President (Brazil), ICOM MPR/ICOM Executive Board member Carol Ann Scott (UK).

This Regional Workshop aims to bring together the museum education, marketing and PR specialists’ knowledge and experience for the efficient outreach of the potential audiences for the museum education programs.

The workshop will be held in Yerevan from 22-25th of November 2017.