Museum Education Center. Through Education to Implementation

On October 2014, with financial support from DVV International Museum Education Center established for development of alternative, adult education opportunities in our museums. Since 2014, we supported museum staff to participate in skills building trainings as well as provided special grants and awards to foster and enhance museum education. From 14-17 of May, 2018 DVV International Country Office in Armenia hosted two key figures from DVV International:

  • Henner Hilderband – DVV Bonn, Germany, Caucasus Desk Officer
  • Maya Avramovska – DVV Regional Officer

In the frames of their visit Museum Education Center together with its partners and beneficiaries organized presentation of the most important projects and activities which followed by round table discussion with colleagues across our museum and heritage network. Five museum representatives gave presentations about the effect and outcomes of collaboration with Museum Education Center. The meeting discussed the possibility of financial sustainability of MEC in near future important platform for developments across our museums.

Cafesjian Center for the Arts generously supported the idea to host this meeting within the CMF’s premises.