“The Domik” art project is being continued supported by the “Armenian Caritas” NGO.The art, touching upon different areas, can show comprehensive approach to many issues. For me, more important is the use of art in the social-educational sphere, in the promotion of intercultural dialogue. It is also important the discovery of art there, where it is not expected. The importance of art in such areas is explained by the after Soviet and after earthquake current situation of my city Gyumri /the second city of Armenia/.
The importance of art in such areas is reasoned by the after-earthquake and post-Soviet current situation in the cities situated in Shirak region- Gyumri , Spitak and villages.

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The domiks designed for the temporary accommodation in Gyumrisince 1988 have turned into gradually forming identity during 27 years. This process was an unfamiliar specific experiment for the city, which continues till nowadays transforming the nature of surviving accommodation of being temporaryinto the prolonged,being almost constant nature of living in domiks.And this alteration process continuing in the objective level and in the people’s consciousness, has expanded its ideological boundaries. The “domik” in recent period has become a newly-created term in the Armenian reality which on the one hand, can be perceived as a content of fixing the socio-economic crisis and the poverty often deriving from it, on the other hand it can and it must be associated with the complaint, which is one of the ways of being in the world, rejection of reconciliation and an attempt to be involved in the public world creation. On the one hand the release from the domik reality is the release from the socio-economic crisis and compelling it to the consciousness therapy,on the other handthe domik reality is an important phenomenon in the consciousness of the city, which isolatesGyumri from the world.The isolation of Gyumri from the whole world and the comprehension of loneliness should be viewed as a preconditionof self-recognition, self-control and in the result- of not being lonely and developing full relationship. The polarization of forgetting-remembering policy should be focused just on this phenomenon and not on being given to feelings of disappointment and legalize this phenomenon fixing our city’s accumulation of recent period and years as an historically important phenomenon for us which will describe а mature, wiser nation, seasoned with experience.

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The Result

In the future, from the domiks being exploited, dismantled for the residence/ and also from the art-becoming domiks which were made by the artists’ intervention participating in the project/ is planned to create a modern art school-museum, the main goal of which will be to offer people variants of solutions to socio-educational,psychological and in general, to the main problems through art.
It is expected to have such an example of a museum in Gyumri, where, by Derida’s interpretation, will be archived, i.e., the human being will be the most important along with his problems.

Gohar Smoyan