Presentations in Regional Museums

By the initiative of the Museum Education Center a meeting took place with museum specialists in Vanadzor on 19th of April 2016. The aim was to represent 1.5 year activity of Museum Education Center as well as to distribute newly published book “Education in Museums”. Students from different institutions and more than 20 specialists from museums of Lori and Tavoush regions were present during the event. We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to staff of the Vanadzor Fine Arts Museum for support and organization of the event.
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On the 21st of April took place a meeting with the museum employees and the university students on the initiative of ”Museum Education Center” in Armenia in ”The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters”. During the meeting Hayk Mkrtchyan represented the projects, goals and the problems, general activities of the center realized during the last 1.5 years.

Anahit Minasyan spoke about the museum interaction, the importance of educational projects in the museums, active and purposeful activities.


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On 4th of May 2016 Museum Education Center organized presentation of activities 2014-2016 as well as upcoming events, trainings and activities in Goris, Syunik Region. One of the main objectives to reach this far region was to distribute newly published handbook on “Education in Museums” to museum specialists of this region. The organizational process supported by Aksel Bakunts House-Museum and Goris Regional Museum. More than 25 specialists were present including Sisian Art Gallery, Kapan Regional Museum, representatives from Goris Municipality department of Youth and Culture etc.

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This interesting and useful regional meetings initiated by the Museum Education Center aimed to remind museum specialists all around Armenia about Center’s presence and the role of becoming new platform for connecting each other, sharing knowledge and experience.